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What is it: PartGUI is a nice Graphical User Interface, which allows Linux partition tools to be as easy to use as commercial tools. It works under XWindow or with the Frame Buffer. It's based on Qt from trolltech. For the moment, it only provides the following parted features: create partition, destroy partition, erase all partitions, and a partition.

State: The current version of PartGUI is a development version. It means it's unstable, and you can have very big problems if you try to make changes on your hard disk with PartGUI. If you just run PartGUI, and you don't make any changes, you can have a look at your partitions layout, and it's not very dangerous.

Why it has been written: Most of the current partition programs under Linux are based on console interface. Then, it's boring to use. If we wrote such a tool for XWindow, it would not be interesting: you would have to install Linux with XWindows to be able to prepare you hard disk... This version can be used with the Frame Buffer. It mean you will have a nice user interface, but it can be run from a small linux system without XWindow. For example, you can run PartGUI from a bootable CDRom, and then you can create partition for your new hard disk. It's can also work under XWindow if you prefer, if you alredy have an installed linux system on your computer.

Author: Francois Dupoux: fdupoux at partimage dot org